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I've never hired a private detective. What can I expect when I call?
You can expect a friendly voice on the telephone from someone who listens and wants to help. You are calling because you need help and we are here to help with those problems that are confidential, personal, and unusual.

How do I know if my problem is one that a private investigator would take?
 To find out if we can help with your problem, call and ask. If we can't help, we will most likely be able to refer you to a source that can help.

What if I can't afford an investigation by a detective agency?
You will be surprised at how reasonable an investigator's services can be; we are no different from any professional you may hire to assist you.
Do you take payments over time?
No, but your investigation can probably be broken down into parts that can be paid as we make progress on each one.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

How can you sit outside a house and watch what happens without being caught?
We begin a surveillance by analyzing the surrounding area to determine the best method to stay there without arousing suspicion. We are professional investigators trained and experienced in covert undercover operations and we will find a way that will work for every situation.  You simply must trust us on this because we do not divulge our methods.

Will you record conversations you overhear?
No, we cannot record conversations we overhear. It is against the law in Georgia to record a conversation in which you are not actively participating. However, if we are a part of the conversation, like when we are doing a witness interview, we can covertly record it.

Can you get the telephone records from my spouse's cell phone?
Although we have access to many different types of confidential informants, we do not access or provide copies of telephone billing records. Our investigations are conducted to provide the answers you need and to provide them legally so that all evidence is admissible in court.

What do you provide as a final product?
We provide video with date/time stamps, a detailed written report, photographs, and an itemized invoice. The video will document all of the time we spend on surveillance as well as provide the evidence of wrongdoing by a subject under surveillance. The written report is the testimony of the investigators who witnessed the events. If the investigation involves other people or records, then the documentation will include evidence from those sources (courts, vital statistics, witness statements, etc.) as part of the final product.  The invoice will match the video evidence and the written report.  All of our time is fully documented so there is no question of the activities that resulted in charges.

Do you guarantee your services?
While we do not guarantee that your investigation will turn out like you want it to, we do guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our services. We depend on referrals from satisfied clients and we do everything possible to assure that every client receives more than they expect. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will work with you to rectify the situation in a prompt and friendly manner.

What if I change my mind and decide to cancel an investigation?
If you change your mind during the course of an investigation, we will immediately terminate our services and prepare a final report with the associated evidence. We will also provide an itemized invoice for services that have already been given and refund the remaining retainer.

Can you start immediately or do I have to plan ahead?
We are a professional agency and we are fully staffed.  Safe Harbor Investigations is one of the most responsive agency in the North Georgia area and we can usually begin when you need us.
Telephone:  (678) 631-1038
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