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Investigations on people that are part of your home life are called Domestic Investigations. A domestic investigation may be performed on a child, a husband, a wife, a lover, a significant other, a mom, a dad, or some other family member.  Infidelity investigations determine if a spouse or lover is involved with someone else.  Child Custody investigations help establish appropriate custodial roles and visitation rights for divorced or separating parents.

If you are getting engaged, a pre-marital investigation will find truth behind your potential partner before you risk heartache, physical abuse or financial loss. We can perform a complete background investigation to find out about previous marriages, civil and criminal court actions, where they have lived, where they have worked, who they have associated with, and other potential indicators of problems.

Do you have a cheating spouse, future spouse, or significant other seeing someone else? Are you worried about a divorce settlement or child custody issues? Do you really have reasons to be concerned? The worry can affect your entire world - how you react at work, at home, with friends and family. It affects your health, how you eat, how you sleep (or don't sleep). The fear and, yes, the anger, drain your energy and numb your spirit. Nothing is more draining than the fear that you are living with a cheating lover or that you are living with a spouse engaging in infidelity.

Our goal is to help restore the balance in your life by providing the truth about your suspicions of infidelity. You need answers that cannot be refuted, evidence that cannot be denied. In short you need objective information about possible cheating, one way or the other, so that you can either set your mind at ease or begin to rebuild. Safe Harbor will discreetly and confidentially uncover the facts you need to make difficult decisions and we will do so without endangering yourself or your relationship.

What are the signs of a cheating spouse? How can you tell if your husband or wife is having an adulterous affair? There are many indications of problems and while they are not conclusive, the presence of several of them certainly raise questions and provide warning signs of infidelity. The signs of a cheating lover may include:

- Spending unusual amounts of time away from home.
- Suddenly deciding to work late or go back to work.
- Increasingly difficult to reach by phone.
- Driving more than usual.
- Looking around constantly when you are out together.
- Suddenly deciding not to go somewhere or dodging some place.
- Wanting to know your schedule and where you will go.
- Not returning calls in a reasonable time.
- Having private conversations on the phone.
- Answering the home phone more frequently.
- Checking voice mail privately.
- Unusually long calls on the phone bill.
- Keeping the phone bill or other bills hidden.
- Keeping the cell phone off or on vibrate.
- Showing a change in the frequency (more/less) of sex.
- Having unusual smells (cologne, perfume) on clothes
- Developing an interest in sex related materials - videos, toys, Viagra.
- Seeming lost in thought more often.
- Using the computer in private more often.
- Changing passwords on the computer or other accounts.
- Using free e-mail services like Yahoo! and Hotmail.
- Securing their laptop computer from you.
- Keeping a private area - car, room, office.
- Leaving you alone a lot while you are out.
- Finding reasons not to be intimate.
- Getting defensive or angry over questions about activities.
- Developing a moody attitude.
- Suddenly becoming exuberant and happy for no reason.
- Suddenly becoming despondent or angry for no reason.
- Neglecting you and the home.
- Changes in wardrobe or personal appearance.
- Talking about new people, places and things.
- Suddenly not talking about people, places, or things.
- Changes in schedules and habits that have been kept for years.
- Traveling more often than before.
- Changes in personality, attitudes, and beliefs.
- Changes in eating preferences (places, foods, spices).

If your lover or spouse shows several of these signs, then you may want to have a consultation with a professional to discuss your options. Safe Harbor Investigations will provide you a free and confidential phone or in-person consultation with absolutely no judgment about you or your spouse, no pressure to take our services, and we will do it with absolute confidentiality. Your safety, your security, and your secrecy is our biggest concern, not trying to sign you up for services you may not need.

Most domestic investigations involve surveillance. You may want to check our page on surveillance to find out more of what this entails. We perform surveillance of your partner so that we can obtain videos and photographs of their activities during times that you suspect they are, or may be, cheating on you. We strive to either prove sufficiently that they are not cheating so that you can feel assured the problems arise from other areas or to provide irrefutable evidence of their cheating. You will get then be able to confront your spouse with confidence to correct the situation or deliver the evidence to your attorney so that you (and your children if you have any) can get the best settlement from the court.

It is natural to feel guilty when you consider hiring a investigator to investigate your spouse, but you shouldn't.  You are hiring a professional to simply determine the truth of your circumstances not to try and make your spouse look bad. There is some reason you are suspicious and it is affecting your life and your relationship. If your spouse or lover is not guilty of infidelity, if they are not doing something inappropriate, maybe something else will be uncovered that is the root of problem. If not, then at least your fears and doubts will be relieved so you can strengthen your relationship and move ahead with confidence.

Most infidelity investigations take from one to two weeks to complete. At the end of the investigation you obtain video and photographs that not only document the investigator's time but provide you the evidence of innocence or guilt.  These are delivered along with a complete written report documenting every activity of your spouse during the surveillance.  The dates and times are broken down minute by minute and will match the video provided to you.  You will also receive an invoice that will match the dates and times on the written report and the corresponding video documentation.

In some cases GPS tracking can be used to decrease the cost of your investigation.  The investigators can watch your spouse covertly as he or she drives around town. When your spouse leaves suddenly or doesn't come home, the investigator can determine where they are and, if it is deemed necessary, go obtain video of their location and the person or persons they are with.  This decreases the hours that would normally be required for surveillance saving you the hourly charges for an investigator.

Regardless of the method used, Safe Harbor Investigations will maintain your secrecy. Your lover or spouse need never know you had them investigated unless you or your attorney decide to reveal the evidence.

Call us today and receive a very accurate quote for an infidelity investigation. Our extensive experience in infidelity investigations provides us the knowledge to know what questions to ask to give you a complete and realistic price and it is a price that we stand behind.  We don't just quote hourly rates and retainers, we tell you how much it will take to get the job completed to your satisfaction.
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