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Computer Forensics
Computer Investigations

Computer forensic investigations do not have to be expensive. If you know what you want the examiner to look for and can help direct them, why should it cost as much as a criminal investigation? You just want to know:

  • Are they posting on or searching through dating sites?
  • Are they flirting in chat rooms?
  • Are they looking at pornography?
  • Are they sending or receiving sexy e-mails?
  • Are they talking to previous lovers?

  • Finding and documenting proof of these very specific activities can cost as little as $500. You can spend thousands of dollars on surveillance and infidelity investigations, or you can spend a fraction of the cost and still get evidence for your own peace of mind or, if warranted, for court. If you want to know if your spouse is cheating (or thinking of cheating) there is no better or cheaper way to begin than with computer forensics.

    Despite attempts by the users of a computer to hide files, delete information, erase tracks, and remove emails -- we can still recover a tremendous amount of information including online chats, instant messages, web sites visited, emails sent and received, and a vast amount of other information. The information will be provided in a clear, complete, and easy to read written report. 

    If the results of the case are going to be used in litigation, we can take the necessary steps to assure that the data recovery is done in ways that provide the greatest impact and admissibility in court. We use the same tools used by government agencies and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

    So your spouse is spending a lot of time on the computer; staying online when you go to bed, staying online when he/she is at home; staying online when they should be helping with other things. You wonder what they are doing. When you ask them, their answers are simplistic, angry, defensive, or just a denial of anything wrong.

    Can infidelity occur online? Yes, absolutely. Whether they are looking at pornography; chatting with other people and discussing sexy subjects; or meeting other people on webcams, they are certainly not being the person that you once loved and promised your heart to.

    Don't ever feel guilty for wanting the truth. You have a right to know what they are doing online and you have the right to be with someone that will meet your ideal of a dedicated partner. Safe Harbor Investigations will level the playing field by giving you as much information as your partner has. Are they seeing someone else? Do they desire someone else? Are they demeaning you and your relationship by the way they carry on online? We use computer forensics and sophisticated Internet tools to investigate their activities. We produce documented evidence which may include chat room transcripts, recovered e-mails, Instant Messages (IM's), and more.

    Or maybe you are running a business or corporation and are concerned about the activities of some employees while using the company's network. Did you know that your computers might be confiscated and your valuable data become inaccessible while their activities are investigated if they are involved in anything fraudulent or illegal? The first step is to establish strong policies which govern the use of your company computers and networks. Once that is in place, you can call on us for absolute assurance that an illegal activity is, or is not, taking place.

    Computer forensics investigations begin by letting us have the computer that needs to be analyzed for 24 hours. During that time we capture a complete image of the computer contents and then return the computer to you. The final analysis of the computer image will be done in our labs and normally takes about 3 - 6 weeks to complete.

    We are recognized and certified as computer forensic experts and your analysis will be performed by a licensed and experienced investigator..

    For more information call: (678) 631-1038.

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    Telephone:  (678) 631-1038
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